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Over 10 Years

We have continued to develop our range of products and ensured our manufacturing and fabrication facility meet the quality demands of our increasing customer base.

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From Small Time Idea to Big Time Achievements

Plastock was founded in 2004 as Abbey Distribution Ltd, by a small team of engineers in High Wycombe. Since that time it has grown, evolved and transformed into one of the leading plastics, metal and wood manufacturers in the UK with over 20 employees UK-wide. Our accolades span retail, engineering, film, education, government, events, defence, design and transport to name a few. And if you can come up with the bare bones of an idea, our talented team will do the rest. As part of our company ethos we’re also heavily focused on efficiency, making our warehouse and processes as green as possible - not only for the environment but so we can pass on cost-savings to our valued clients. We’ve worked with a whole host of global leading brands including the BBC, 2012 Olympics, Selfridges, Bentley, Smirnoff, Burberry, Cadbury, Volvo, Super Dry, Tate Britain and Gap among others. However it’s not just about the big names - we love smaller projects too involving one-of-a-kind pieces for the home or an exhibition. No project is too big or too small - no level of customer input too little or too large, we can operate as a sub-contracted or fully-managed vendor. Plastock operates under stringent quality control measures and we have outstanding design, manufacturing, engineering and logistics capability making us not only the easiest manufacturer you’ll ever work with, but the most innovative; If you can think it, we can make it.

Versatility Rules: Fully Stocked and Fully Serviced

We’re not just a product-focused store for you to buy plastic, we’re process-focused too and as such have some of the best creative talent around. From CNC-supremacy, to fabrication, bonding, welding, polishing and other such related skills, we deliver more than just a product - we deliver a complete service...all with a smile of course.

Wood for the Trees

If you’re struggling to see the wood for the trees you can trust in our experience. Based in High Wycombe, we have the storage, skill and vision to produce some truly special effects with wood and have been doing this for well over a decade.

Plastic Perfection

Plastics can be bonded, welded and fabricated using a myriad of complex techniques. We use only the best, time-tested machinery to produce only the best results. Our experience and skill with plastic is unrivalled.

Heavy Metal

In addition to more commercial projects we work within the medical industry providing metal-worked pieces for both design and functional purposes. When you combine market-leading machinery with talented and visionary engineers, you get Plastock.

Plastock - More Than Just A Plastics Company