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Plastock can machine, fabricate and supply all your material requirements. Order online or call us on 01494 449975.
Plastock can machine, fabricate and supply all your material requirements. Order online or call us on 01494 449975.



Business Sectors

At Plastock we have experience working in a wide variety of industries ranging from education and defence to TV and film. As you can see from the few examples below, the scope of what we can do is huge. We can work as part of a sub-contracted team for B2B and B2C customers, and all our solutions are turnkey and robust. If you have a concern as to how we might address a particular issue in your industry just get in touch, our expert team will be happy to help you. 

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Architectural Design Sector | Plastock

Architectural Design

Plastock has contributed to notable architectural projects across the country. We’ve done a lot of work with the London 2012 Olympics, producing firstly their Truce Wall and subsequently converting this into a unique structure for Mandeville Place, a new area of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. On a larger scale, we’ve overseen and provided component parts for houses - recently appearing on the BBC in this regard - and big commercial structures.

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 Architectural Design Services
Defence & Aerospace Sector | Plastock


Plastock is proud to contribute to important and vital work in the defence and aerospace industries. We manufacture armour and components for vehicles, delivering products that not only withstand but excel under huge pressures and unique environments, playing a vital role in ensuring the safety of personnel.

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Energy & Utilities Sector | Plastock

Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities industry is constantly hitting the limelight. No stranger to press and pressure, this sector plays a critical role in day-to-day life. The engineering expertise behind the scenes needs to be nothing short of exemplary. We provide outstanding components to energy and utility suppliers, ensuring the daily routine of millions across the country passes without incident.

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Events Sector | Plastock


First impressions count. And the right props, materials, décor and furnishings will all help your event stand out from the crowd. Plastock produces spectacular event material, moulding and shaping plastics expertly to create something long lasting, exciting and unique to you. So get the glitter ball rolling and give our team a call.

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Events Services
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Exhibition Sector | Plastock


Taking part in an exhibition is a huge investment for businesses both emotionally and financially.  The signage, boards and accompanying display products need to be right as they play a crucial part in forming that first impression for potential clients.  Plastock has all the skill and experience needed to help portray your brand in the best possible way.

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Film & TV Sector | Plastock

Film & TV

It’s not all grinding, milling, shaping and welding,  we get to enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour too! We’ve worked on James Bond, Star Wars, The Cube and Strictly Come Dancing to name a few – chances are if you’ve watched the silver screen, you’ll have seen some of our work.

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Film & TV Services
Furniture Design Sector | Plastock

Furniture Design

The possibilities with furniture are endless and with our unrivalled mix of machinery, skill, expertise and design talent the chances are if you can think it, we can create it! However foggy or far-fetched your idea may seem, ask a member of our team to see how we can make it happen for you.

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Furniture Services
Interior Design Sector | Plastock

Interior Design

Work in the interior design sector often pushes boundaries, delivering an exclusive, bespoke masterpiece for the end user.  Whether the space is domestic, retail, hospitality or office, Plastock can deliver.  We have worked on numerous projects with esteemed organisations, including the Tate Britain, and can provide all the specialist knowledge and specific processes required. 

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Interior Design Services
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Lighting Design Sector | Plastock

Lighting Design

Lighting is an incredibly fun and lively area to work in. You can create beautiful effects using light and Plastock is proud to play a part in pushing boundaries within this sector, working alongside true lighting pioneers.

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 our Lighting Design Services
Pharmaceutical & Medical Sector | Plastock

Pharmaceutical & Medical

We have a number of high profile clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries manufacturing everything from custom-made pill boxes to complex machinery and equipment. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, speak to one of our representatives today or click the button below.

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Public Sector | Plastock

Public Sector

Plastock has completed numerous projects for those in the public sector. Whether you have a need for specialist materials for school, government, research or healthcare we can supply them for you at any stage of production, delivering safe and hardy high value plastics, metals and wood.

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Public Sector Services
Retail Sector | Plastock

Retail & Point of Sale

Our experience and credibility in producing the best quality retail and point of sale plastics is second to none. In addition to our namesake, we work with metals and wood and can produce either component parts for assembly or complete structures for display

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Retail & Point of Sale  Services
Sign & Display Sector | Plastock

Sign & Display

Sign and display work can demand a vast set of skills - the initial brief can be for indoor, outdoor, durable, intricate or unique designs from brands looking to deliver something that little bit special to their potential customers. Special is our speciality and our team have the know-how and equipment at their fingertips to deliver something truly special for you.

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Sign & Display Services
Transport Sector | Plastock


In the public transport industry we supply components for use in the manufacture of trains and buses. We also manufacture soil and vent fittings and supply drainage and irrigation products to keep your streets clean.

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Transport Services

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