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Sign & Display


Sign and display work can demand a vast set of skills - the initial brief can be for indoor, outdoor, durable, intricate or unique designs from brands looking to deliver something that little bit special to their potential customers. Special is our speciality and our team have the know-how and equipment at their fingertips to deliver something truly special for you.

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Signage Sub-contracting Services | Plastock


For bricks and mortar businesses shop front signage is crucial as it’s responsible for catching people’s attention and drawing them into the store. We frequently contribute to projects as part of a sub-contracted team, delivering successful completion to the end user with little input aside from initial design briefs. Plastock delivers turnkey solutions and our helpful engineers blend and work seamlessly with any business. Our focus is on product performance, and we’ll take every element into account – including colour, material, durability and efficiency.

Hoarding Panels | Plastock


For buildings or areas under construction looking to capitalise on their advertising and footfall, Plastock creates hoarding panels, bespoke designed, branded and fit to your site. All our panels are weather resistant and can be used multiple times over should you have multiple sites. Colour, material and design can all be outsourced to us, or you can choose to have as much input as you wish. We’re here to make the process smooth, enjoyable and rewarding.

Window Display Services | Plastock


Give others a glimpse into your world. In a shop environment, the window display is key. Its purpose is drawing visitors’ attention and enticing them to take that first step inside. We’ve worked with the best when it comes to this delicate balance of making customers feel welcome and comfortable yet excited and eager. Have a chat with one of our representatives and we can send you pictures of the iconic Selfridges displays we’ve produced over the years.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with Selfridges, Guinness & Harley Davidson to name a few.
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