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Plastock's commitment to quality means we purchase and work with only the highest quality machinery, and our Hurco CNC turning centre is no exception. We have the capability to bring some of the biggest, boldest and most ambitious CNC routing, milling and turning projects to fruition. For durability, reliability, repeatability and outstanding results take advantage of our world class equipment and extensive engineering expertise.

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CNC Routing | Plastock

CNC Routing

Our cutting service really is cutting edge and we invest in only the best technology. Our market leading CNC Routing Machine is the biggest available on the market and is 3D-capable, so it can handle the most ambitious CNC routing projects.

CNC Milling | Plastock

CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machine has outstanding versatility. Designed and built to work in a range of environments and with a huge choice of materials, it has allowed us to mill many complex and innovative structures over the years.

CNC Turning | Plastock

CNC Turning

For our CNC turning projects we use the world class TMX8MYi Hurco machine which is built for industry and advanced control. It allows for a wide range of part sizes and applications which means it can machine for longer and with more reliability.

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Laser Engraving & Cutting | Plastock

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Plastock have invested in a number of laser cutting machines, laser engravers and other advanced technologies that enable us to offer you the best quality product achievable at a cost effective price and with a fast turn-around. Our team of laser engineers are dedicated to providing a first class finish with each job going through a thorough inspection to ensure a quality we are happy to put our name to.

Quality CNC Services | Plastock

Quality & Quantity

In addition to being able to manufacture in bulk, our machines and supporting software ensure only the best result. Our conscientious team ensures only the highest quality finished product is delivered to you too, and if it’s not perfect we’ll re-machine it until it is.

Quick CNC Project Turnaround | Plastock


We have a large factory in High Wycombe, a full team of dedicated engineers and top all of this off with a machine designed for speed and accuracy. We can move from 3D computer model to reality in the fastest time and with the greatest efficiency available on the market.

High Capacity & Volume CNC Turning | Plastock


If you have large volume demand for a component or project, we can deliver on it, moving forward only after you have seen and are happy with the prototype supplied. With regard to CNC turning, we’ve previously turned around high volume orders for clients within a tight time frame.

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