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The possibilities with furniture are endless and with our unrivalled mix of machinery, skill, expertise and design talent the chances are if you can think it, we can create it! However foggy or far-fetched your idea may seem, ask a member of our team to see how we can make it happen for you.

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Bespoke furniture design services from Plastock


Found a design that you'd like in your home? Let Plastock create it for you. Our designers can design bespoke furniture and interiors to your specifications. Our bespoke solutions are not only completely exclusive, but we place a strong focus on minimising waste for our projects, which makes them superb value too. Sometimes you just have to go all out and Plastock are established experts in pushing boundaries when it comes to furniture and interior design. Let us handle the technical headache of what goes where and how to make it work - your role is to dare to dream and work with us to create something truly extraordinary.

Furniture privacy design services from Plastock


Got an annoying neighbour sitting next to you at work? Struggling to focus in an open-plan space? If you want a little more privacy at work Plastock can design and manufacture custom desk separators and dividers for your team. Say goodbye to work-day blues and hello to peace and quiet. All our dividers are manufactured using our specialist machines, are easy to install and need little to no maintenance. We can design anything that you're looking for to keep distractions out. Simply get in touch with us at Plastock to see how we can help you to achieve that seamless 9 to 5, day in, day out.

Ergonomic furniture design services from Plastock


In addition to the pure design and aesthetics elements of our furniture projects, we take into consideration the ergonomic value too. An optimal workday is made far easier when the workspace itself is ergonomically-friendly We'll take you and your team's comfort into consideration when designing our pieces for you. Just ask one of our representatives to see examples of our previous work and prototypes.


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