Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

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Plastock have invested in a number of laser cutting machines, laser engravers and other advanced technologies that enable us to offer you the best quality product achievable at a cost effective price, all with a fast turn-around. Our team of laser engineers are dedicated to providing a first class finish with each job going through a thorough inspection to ensure a finish and quality we are happy to put our name to.

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In addition to the more commercial projects, there are engineering applications for engraving and laser cutting, all of which Plastock has extensive experience in. Get in touch to learn more about how we can engineer your project.

Laser Cutting Services | Plastock


Laser has opened up numerous opportunities in the retail, sign and display industries. We work closely with leading brands in these industries and see first hand how our manufacturing makes a difference to their profitability, adding a professional appearance to businesses across the country. Often, our laser-worked signs and products are seen as crucial in making that first impression of a brand a favourable one. To see examples of our previous work, get in touch today.

LED Light Sheets | Plastock


At Plastock we love working with light, creating vibrant light pieces that lift a room. Often a talking point, a light-inspired decorative piece can add a splash of colour as well as enhancing atmosphere and mood. There are numerous techniques we employ when using lasers to engrave and cut LED light sheets. Our team will be happy to explain the benefits of each.

Imagine & Innovate | Plastock


A popular idea for the contemporary couple is to start their wedding planning with a splash of innovation in the form of some professionally engraved wedding invites. We've created some beautiful and bold invites to date using our laser cutting and engraving machinery, so if you've got a special idea - personal to you and your other half - that you'd like to see brought to life, we've got the equipment and know-how to make it happen. Speak to us to find out more.

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As the progression and increasing accessibility of laser cutting as a technique gathers pace, so too does the scope of materials now going under the beam. We can laser wood, leather and even paper to your specification, using our CNC equipment for the utmost efficiency and speed.

Laser Wood Engraving Services | Plastock


Wood is a wonderful material for laser engraving. Whether you're creating a large piece for a design project, need a material to go outside that can withstand the elements or are working on a finer design for a piece of jewellery, we can cater to all sizes and requirements.

Laser Leather Cutting and Etching Services | Plastock


Although not a material that immediately comes to mind, we can etch, engrave and cut designs onto leather. The laser sublimates the surface of the leather, allowing us to cut it accurately. Both natural and synthetic leathers are suitable for engraving, cutting and etching and we commonly undertake projects for leather clothing, accessories and other goods.

Laser Paper Cutting Services | Plastock


Not so pleasant if you get one, but very pleasant to work with! You can cut some truly breathtakingly beautiful designs by putting laser to paper and we often lace intricate patterns, text and logos for our clients, creating some truly delicate masterpieces.

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Laser Cut Components & Parts | Plastock


When deciding the final components to be used in your design we will consider multiple examples to find the ideal fit. Top of our list of priorities are speed, finish, functionality and efficiency - all of which will be top notch for you.

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