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It’s not all grinding, milling, shaping and welding - we get to enjoy a bit of glitz and glamour too! We’ve worked on James Bond, Star Wars, The Cube and Strictly Come Dancing to name a few – chances are if you’ve watched the silver screen, you’ll have seen some of our work.

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TV and Film Set Design | Plastock

Set Design

Primarily we work with metals, plastics and wood – we know each inside out and are confident in the reliability these materials provide on set. We’re proud to have worked on major film sets all over the globe. These projects are a lot of fun, and it’s extremely rewarding seeing our hard work broadcast to the wider world through film and television. Because of our experience in this industry, we appreciate requests will often be unique, specialist and designed to truly dazzle. We welcome the challenge and are perfectly poised back-stage to bring your production centre-stage.

Film and TV Prop Design | Plastock


Working with props is great fun! Every project is different and Plastock can create any props you need from the wonderfully weird to the out of this world. We’ve played a part in major blockbusters across all genres of film producing all manner of items big and small, from the comedic to the truly bizarre. So if your props need some pop - you need Plastock! We can help conceptualise and bring to life any design you’re after, completing the project to any given deadline. Simply contact one of our representatives and our design team will begin prototyping.

Raw Materials for the Film and TV Sector | Plastock

Raw Material

In addition to supplying the finished product to set designers and builders, for those that prefer to build on-site or directly themselves, Plastock can supply the raw metal, plastic or wood required for your production. We have no upper or lower limit for orders, you can order as much or as little as you like. We also have a huge range of materials to choose from and can grade these specially should there be a specific property you require. Just speak to a member of our team to learn more.

Proud to have supplied

We’ve had the pleasure of supplying blockbuster films such as James Bond and Star Wars as well as TV shows The Cube & Strictly Come Dancing to name a just few.
You may have been lucky enough to see some of our work!


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