The Rise of Traditional Engineering Techniques in Fashion

At Plastock we’re used to working with engineering plastics, laser cutting machinery, our Striebig saw, CNC routers and all manner of machinery! We contribute to the defence sector, architecture, interior design, lighting, film industry and everything in between using these techniques. So it was of interest to us to see this traditionally heavy-handed machinery taking on a different use in a slightly more feminine sector – fashion.

Laser Cutting in Fashion

You don’t usually put the words “laser cutting” and “Marie Claire” magazine together, but that’s what an innovative womenswear brand called Rein have successfully managed to do. Their range of laser cut leather products have adorned celebrities including Lady Gaga, Eve, Charli XCX and Little Mix, with their Maze Choker appearing in Marie Claire UK, and also appearing at London Fashion Week in September 2015.

Perspex in Shoes

Her credentials as a role model may be questionable but her impact throughout the globe is undeniable. Kim Kardashian started the Perspex heel trend and it's since gone from strength to strength. We work with Perspex regularly for interior design and retail – we just never imagined Perspex shoes would be sitting atop the Perspex shelving we created!

3D Printing in Fashion

While fashion houses are turning to traditional engineering methods to create their products, many are also looking to the future of engineering too. 3D printing techniques are increasingly being used by fashion houses including TD Kent, a luxury eyewear brand that are using 3D printing to create a unique pair of glasses designed specifically for the customer.

Traditional engineering techniques aren’t the preserve of traditional industries, and forward thinking sectors such as fashion are increasingly adopting these techniques to create stand-out items for their customers. We always look to the future with the designs, concepts and products we create, and look forward to working with more innovative companies in the future.

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