Polishing Service

An Impeccable Polish

Whether you have a diamond in need of polishing, or more functional wood and metal pieces that need a touch of special treatment, Plastock offers electro, hand, machine and chemical polishing. Read on to see more details of each.

Polishing Applications and Usage

Project Polish

Whether your need is restorative, preventative, you are looking to enhance the looks of an item, remove oxidation or any other need industrial or personal, we have the polishing equipment and capability to fill it. From diamonds to cars to cookware to plumbing, many every day items are in need of a little polish from time to time and we've got a comprehensive range of polishing equipment to meet every need - from coarse to smooth.

Polishing Applications

We have the equipment needed for advanced chemical polishing through to a simple manual polish. Whether your lighting needs a little TLC, your POS needs some elbow grease or your medical equipment needs some chemical love - just LAM (leave a message) and we’ll BRB with a cost-efficient quote!

Dimming the Lights

Even our bright, beaming LED and OLED lights can get a little dusty and dim sometimes! For this reason we offer polishing of light fixtures - taking the task and any risk away from you, delivering that perfect finish. Contact us to learn more about this technique.

Branding Blocks

Plastock works with a number of professional services, creating all the Point of Sale material - be this shelving, branding blocks, desk decor, bespoke business cards, containers, sculptures or other design work. We will manage all your branding material in-house, eliminating the need to go to multiple vendors. Logistics, labelling and packaging will be handled too - we're the one stop branding solution for your business and you can find out what we can do for you from our representatives.


Electropolishing is our chemical polishing offering for our clients. During this process we use chemicals to remove material from metal, resulting in a smooth and sterile finish compared to some other forms of polishing. We commonly employ this technique for the medical and manufacturing industries. Speak to one of our team if you'd like to hear more about our electropolishing equipment and service.

Huge Scope for Delivery

Our Polishing Promise

The scope of surfaces and materials that could benefit from polishing are immense. If you’ve got something you feel is in need of a polish but are not sure of the correct way to accomplish this, just ask one of our helpful team and we’d be delighted to answer any technical questions.

Getting It Right

Plastock has been delivering on polishing projects for many years, as such our team are well-educated as to what polishing method your product needs. We have high capacity and only the best track record - trust Plastock to deliver you the perfect polish.

Hand Polishing

Sometimes you can't beat a bit of good, old fashioned elbow grease! Hand polishing allows us greater control and our extensive collection of hand polishing tools from rolls to pads put us in good steed to deliver you the best result. Our team are perfectionists, and you'll be seeing the results of their hard work - quite literally - in your item once we're finished with it!

Machine Polishing

When it comes to machine polishing, the potential applications are dynamic to say the least. Plastock can machine polish everything from diamonds and medical equipment with a need for sterilisation to non-reflective matte material.

Process Polishing and Plating

Plastock also offers a plating service should you like a product coated, and polished to a beautiful shine. Whether it's electropolishing, chemical polishing, hand polishing or some other type of machine polishing, we'll bare repeatability and durability in mind; your polished product look like it's just come out of the warehouse for a long long time to come.