Fabrication and Assembly

From Design, Right Through to Build

Our plastic fabrication and assembly skill set is vast, and includes: moulding, device assembly, fabrication of formed plastic components, bonding, gluing, heat staking, mechanical testing and insulation to name just some of what we can do. Our engineers are experts in their field and will combine their extensive experience with the above techniques to meet your plastic fabrication needs.

A Flexible Solution

Big or Small - It Doesn't Matter

We control the manufacturing and fabrication of all bespoke items in-house and whether you're the end user, or we're sub-contracted as part of a larger project, we can cater to all requests. Our assembly and plastic fabrication service covers high and low volume orders, so if your need is for small production, you don't need to worry.

Huge Capacity and Array of Facilities

We have a massive range of facilities in-house and match this with the vast experience of our engineers. We're your one-stop-shop for fabrication and assembly and after a decade of meeting client needs - big and small - we're confident of our ability to accommodate you. We don't outsource anywhere, we do everything from our central location in High Wycombe including logistics, prototyping and design making the process faster, more efficient and reducing lead time.

Project Management, Design and Prototyping

Our investment has been made throughout every aspect of what we do in order to try to make the journey from concept to finished product as quick and as efficient as possible. Plastic fabrication and assembly projects are frequently complex. We take your design and marry it with the best materials and methods, showing it to you via our specialist models and 3D renders. Once and only once you are happy do we create a prototype for your perusal prior to going ahead with agreed production. To find out more about this process, speak to one of our friendly team.

Assembly Expertise

Now comes the exciting bit! The process of putting all that work together and assembling your product requires specialist techniques, materials and machinery. Our range of skills in this area make Plastock a team of professionals whom you can rely upon, trust and use time after time. If you have a specialist technique or skill you require, just ask one of our team and we'll be able to let you know how best we can accommodate you.

The Finishing Touches

We said we're with you for the whole process and we are. We don't just fabricate and assemble your design with you, we take care of the packaging, labelling and logistics too. You receive the finished product in all its glory, and we manage each part of the process in-house through our dedicated team - speak to one of them today.

Reduce Lead Time

Saving You Time, Time After Time

Because we do everything in-house and 3D render your design prior to any prototyping going ahead, we can reduce lead times for our clients. We can identify design strengths and weaknesses too, meaning the finished product is not only aesthetically to your specification, but as robust and functional as it can be. In this area, we supply to a range of services including retail, food processing and Point of Sale.

Most Comprehensive UK Service

We're proud to say that Plastock is the most comprehensive fabrication and assembly service in the UK. We've got the techniques, engineering experience, credentials, software, space and in-house ability to make this boast a true one. When it comes to fabrication, no one knows it like we do.

Making it Stick

In our assembly work we have need for a huge variety of bonders and adhesives. Different adhesives cure in different ways and for different materials. Our knowledge in this area is vast - and imperative... the products we make need to be safe for the consumer and this is a responsibility we take seriously. Plastock uses both solvent-free adhesives for high-strength and environmentally resistant bonds and dymax adhesives, for the assembly of different materials that need to be glued to each other.

A Perfect Polish

Our polishing service adds the perfect finishing touch to your product. We do this by hand, mechanically or chemically depending on what method is needed to produce the best result. For that decorative finish and to make your product truly gleam, take advantage of our polishing service today.

Plastic Fabrication Machining

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we use only the best machinery. We'll deliver a final product to you only once we are happy to put our name to it - and for this to happen it needs the best equipment and software to ensure this is the case, time after time. If you'd like to know more about our specific machining capabilities, speak to a member of our friendly team.