Design and Development

With You The Whole Way

We take your project from your idea through to fruition with you, adding in our own experience and expertise where required along the way. Our clients bring the inspiration and vision and we deal with the process. Ideas are developed efficiently and effectively right the way through to production.

3D Modelling and Rendering

Try Before You Buy: 3D Modelling/Rendering

We've written about the supporting CAD/CAM programs we use for design prior to production. These allow us to render your design and model your product without the need to actually produce a physical model. We accurately assess designs on computer before we proceed to initial manufacture and produce a prototype, shortening lead times and improving efficiency. Our 3D models are superbly realistic, and we can show you your finished design from all angles, in all of its glory prior to any machining commencing.

From The Perfect Prototype Comes The Perfect Product

After designing and rendering your model we have a very good idea of the correct method and machining techniques to use in the manufacture of it. We then create a prototype for you, machining this to perfection before launching ahead with production.

Concept Design and Manufacture

We don't need a huge amount of input from you, we're experienced, passionate and have the very best machinery at our fingertips so if you're not entirely sure what you want, it's not a problem. We commonly work with clients that simply have a concept, and we do the rest - with your input, feedback and approval at every stage of course. Speak to a member of our team to learn more.

Analysis and Action

We're constantly analysing progress, testing different designs, methods and trialling different components to make absolutely sure we get it right. We encourage customer feedback - and at no point should you feel unable to contact and talk to us about your project, we want to hear from you and nothing is too much bother!

Evaluate and Improve

After analysis we evaluate, improving until we achieve total perfection and absolute customer satisfaction. We encourage interaction and customer involvement; the more hands on you are, the more delighted you are with what we produce for you - and that gives us all the satisfaction we need.

Hear From Happy Customers

Read a Selection of Customer Testimonials

"Plastock produced a fantastic result for our shop window. Based on our (very brief!) brief, they came up with several design concepts and prototypes, allowing us to see what the finished result would look like before installation. Their expertise was unrivalled and their logistics management of the entire process fantastic".


"We used Plastock to manufacture a crucial piece for one of our medical machines. The piece needed to have very specific properties in addition to functioning at high temperatures. Using their 3D rendering software, we were able to work closely with their team to come up with the optimal result. Would highly recommend".

Shop it, See it, Buy it

Signage, retail front of house, design and display work are something we do a lot of both for individuals and for notable global brands. Using the above process allows us to excel within these areas and chances are you've unknowingly seen a Plastock-machined component or sign somewhere in the past without even realising it!

Delivering on Interior Design Dreams

We frequently work with interior design teams and individuals. Oftentimes, these products need to be incredibly dynamic and require a lot of input as to what machining, materials and components are best for performance and price. However "out there" your design idea may be, we can make it happen, marrying structured manufacture with innovative and raw creation.

Light it Up

Another of our specialities is with lighting. We're experts on light, creating the desired effect and colour of light you need to complete your vision. We've previously completed lighting projects for Selfridges and other major brands.