Plastock's commitment to quality means we purchase and work with only the highest quality machinery, and our Hurco CNC turning centre is no exception. For durability, reliability, repeatability and outstanding results take advantage of our world class equipment and enormous engineering expertise.



We use the world class TMX8MYi Hurco machine for our CNC turning projects which is built for industry and advanced control. It has a generous turning diameter that allows for a wide range of part sizes and applications plus thermal stability - which once you deduct the jargon means it can machine for longer and with more reliability.

Precision Turning and Tolerance - Time After Time

Our Hurco machine has been designed and constructed to be robust, withstanding heavy loads and lots of momentum. This means we can work with a huge scope of materials, maximising our capabilities and - along with our sophisticated CNC programs - offer the highest precision, even with the toughest materials and components.

4-Axis Machining

Our Hurco machine has 4-axes and can travel a maximum of 220x 560x 640x110mm. It is able to perform off-centre machining operations and deliver sophisticated design, its high-resolution feedback also ensures the utmost in system performance and reliability. Speak to one of our team to find out more about what we can deliver. Learn more from one of our representatives today.

3-Axis Machining

For small to medium lots in need of turning and secondary milling or drilling operations, we use 3-axes to perform the job. Accuracy is paramount, and this can be achieved to the highest degree for 3-axis machine projects using our machinery, CNC programs and expertise.

CAD/CAM and Computing

With today’s computer software our engineers can produce products with incredibly fine detail. We have worked with more CAD/CAM programs than you can fathom and can show what your final design will look like to a high level of accuracy before anything has been done in the warehouse. We use Solidworks to design and create for our clients - it has a proven track record and our talented team of professionals can take full advantage of its advanced features.

Winmax Control

Integrated Hurco Control Powered by Winmax

We control our Hurco machine via the most sophisticated, gold standard program in the industry - Winmax. This allows us incredible versatility and intuitive control using both conversational and NC programming methods. This market-leading piece of software has the best processing power and programming, making complex projects manageable and simple.

Precision Turning

Because our machine is the gold industry standard, it's designed and built for precision. Supporting features such as the tail stock are fully programmable, heavy duty and have precise alignment for accurate centre positioning. In short, precision turning is our forte and you won't find better.

Quality AND Quantity!

In addition to being able to manufacture in bulk, our machines and supporting software ensure only the best result. Our conscientious team ensures only the highest quality finished product is delivered to you too, and if it’s not perfect we’ll re-machine it until it is.

The Quickest Turnaround Time

We have a large factory in High Wycombe, a full team of dedicated engineers and top all of this off with a machine designed for speed and accuracy. You can rest assured that your project will be in the factory being manufactured as soon as you have seen the prototype and approved the design, and that our Hurco machine will bring it from 3D computer model to reality in the fastest time and with the greatest efficiency available on the market.

High Capacity for High Volume

If you have large volume demand for a component or project, we can deliver on it, moving forward only after you have seen and are happy with the prototype supplied. With regard to CNC turning, we’ve previously turned around high volume orders for clients within a tight time frame. We’ll work our socks off fulfilling your order – no matter how many units you require - our Hurco machine has been designed to withstand large volumes of product.