If you can think it we can cut it

CNC Routing Service

Our cutting service really is cutting edge and we invest in only the best technology. Our CNC Routing Machine is brand new and the biggest available on the market. It can work to a maximum length of 6102mm by 2159mm width with a 150ml z-stroke and has twin spindles and automatic zoning for maximising finish and output. All this jargon means we have the capability to bring some of the biggest, boldest and most ambitious CNC routing projects to fruition. We manage the entire process too - from design through to logistics - delivering your project to you where and when you need. Plastock really does make perfect.

Engineering and creative applications: 3D Machining


Our cutting technologies utilise the most up to date components allowing us to produce high volume capacity without compromising quality. Our market leading CNC routing machine is 3D-capable, which in laymen’s terms means we can machine a range of materials in 3 directions to get a 3D result. 3D machining is one of our most popular services, and our state of the art CNC router can process materials up to 2159mm wide, working to the highest level of smoothness, accuracy and speed. Any components can be manipulated to meet the client's specification and, coupled with the expertise and experience of our committed team, produce outstanding 3D machined results.


OK, our puns may be sub-par, but our abilities with plastic excel in all areas. Our CNC router can work with the following plastic materials; Perspex, acrylic, polycarbonate, carbon fibre, foam PVD, polystyrene and any other that you can give us! We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and if you can think it - Plastock will make it happen.

Pedal to the metal

Non-ferrous metal machining is one of the greatest strengths of our CNC router, which can machine components from aluminium, brass, copper and other metals with ease. So, for some heavy metal magic, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Skilled wood machining

If furniture is your forte we can cut sheets of wood to size for you, irrespective of the ambition of your design. Our woodcutting service is affordable, accurate and accomplished. Connect with one of our professionals today.

Don't Fret

For those complex, intricate and ornamental designs - should you have a need for fretwork our machine can match it with wood or metal. We’ve been producing decorative design work for a decade - take advantage of our experience today.

Drilling it down

CNC Drilling Service

Plastock also offers a drilling facility as one of our CNC applications. When drilling your material, our CNC routing machine works at high speed, minimising waste; we’re experts in efficiency, and use every possible inch of your material when working on it to remain cost-effective. We have extensive experience using CNC drilling to make fasteners, fixings, pipes and fittings from metal and plastic and all at a reasonable price, of the highest quality and with fantastic durability. Call us with confidence today.

Customised CNC Components

To enable us to do the best job possible and in order for our machine to function optimally we have an array of components according to material, design, size and speed.


Our CNC profiling service means we can manipulate plastics to the highest specification - cutting multiple shapes and sizes across a range of materials with varying thicknesses. Our 5,000 series CNC router accommodates a range of applications - meaning versatility for our clients - and a range of components which give us the most accurate result possible.


CNC has meant huge leaps forward in industry and the creation of complex and sizeable structures. We work throughout the engineering, design, retail and wholesale industries and if your requirement is for something large and ambitious, we’re the firm that can deliver on your vision and to budget – making something seemingly impossible, possible.


Another subset of our CNC routing service is our work with zotefoam and foam machining for industrial and retail clients across the country. With our technology we are able to process this in small and large quantities and to an incredibly high precision.