Our CNC milling machine has outstanding versatility. Designed and built to work in a range of environments and with a huge choice of materials, it's allowed us to mill many complex and innovative structures over the years. Its advanced control and high tolerance machine components along with our modern manufacturing methods allow us to work true magic with your design.


Decade of Experience Working with Multiple CNC Programs

By having the best in the business, we can produce the best - delivering excellent results and repeatability project after project. We mill materials using our market-leading Hurco machine on 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis. Plastock's precision is unrivalled - and our drive for perfection unmatched. See how our team can accommodate you today.

The Devils In The Detail: Precision Machining

Our precision machining ability means we can cater to projects with extreme levels of required intricacy. You'd be surprised at how many every day objects have been precision machined and our own skill set matched with the high spec of our machinery means we can follow CAD/CAM blueprints precisely and consistently, cloning complex designs over and over with no compromise on quality and perfect detailing time after time.

The Fifth Element: 5-Axis CNC Milling

When people talk about 5-axis, they are in fact referring to the directional ability of a CNC machine to move along different axis' simultaneously. This means the cutting tool can go in multiple directions, and the 5-axis capability we deliver at Plastock, only widens and expands upon just what manufacturing feats we can achieve for our clients. Contact us to find out more.

Flawless 4-Axis Functionality

4-axis machining forms an important part of the CNC-milling skill set. Referring to the axis along which it mills material, one uses 4-axis simultaneous CNC functionality for projects that involve complicated rotary applications including camshafts. If you're not sure what your CNC milling project needs, just leave it to us - when it comes to CNC services, we've been there, done it and got several t-shirts!

Three's No Crowd: 3-Axis Capability

Despite modern manufacturing and the ability to work with 4-axes and 5-axes, 3-axes still has its place. A huge amount depends on why one might use different axes but finish, cost, precision, intricacy and properties required are just a few of the desired outcomes to consider. For a rapid and precise result, 3-axis CNC milling may be your best option - but don't second guess, ask a member of our team today and CNC to your heart's content.

Hurco Milling Machine

Only The Best Machinery

At Plastock we use a Hurco Milling machine for our milling projects. This high tech bit of kit boasts being the best in the business and works at high speed, reducing manufacturing time for our clients. It has unique software capabilities too - which in short means you get the most advanced tech matched with the quickest turnaround time. If you have questions about this machine - or its 5-axis capabilities - the manufacturers have created a helpful site to answer your questions here.

Herculean Hurco Capabilities

The Hurco machine along with the introduction of 5-axis capability helped the manufacturing industry step things up a notch and push boundaries on what could be done. There are a number of features that make Hurco one of - if not the - best manufacturer around and by trusting your project to us, you're trusting in a provider who has invested heavily to get the best machinery for our clients.

Top Speed - Top Result

The design and features of our custom Hurco machine mean it's built for speed. Ergonomic design features make our machine efficient - and our experienced engineers know how to manage it for the best result in the fastest time.

Working Our Magic With Your Material

We've worked with every material imaginable over the years, and as such are well practiced in matching the best one to the precise spec of your project. We've delivered on CNC milling projects with plastic, metal, foam, wood and everything in between.

Proven ROI

We regularly prove and exceed upon anticipated ROI for our clients, often turning around projects at a quicker and less expensive rate than predicted. This is as a result of our desire to use only the best machinery and talent throughout our company.