Bonding Services by Plastock

Industrial Bonding and Adhesives

The bonding of plastics to metals and different plastics to other plastics can prove extremely complex. The properties of each material mean the bonding process often needs specific preparation and adhesives to work. Metals, particularly alloys and exotic plastics present problems when it comes to bonding and so stresses, environment, temperature and expansion & contraction characteristics all need to be taken into account. Plastock is abundant in the coveted specialist knowledge needed to get this right. Get in touch with our team to see what bonding process best suits your project.

UV Gluing

Facilitation of Superior Bonding

Due to its excellent properties, UV glue has been used in the industrial world for many years. The process whereby this works is a photochemical one, where high-intensity UV light is used to instantly cure adhesives. This instant process increases our efficiency, speed and effectiveness in delivering your finished product.

Structural Bonding

All of the products we manufacture are high performance and some of our more industrial services require the use of structural bonding to create particularly robust composite and metal structures. Our adhesive solutions are temperature resilient and incredibly strong. Speak to a member of our friendly team to find out more.

Double-Sided Tape

In addition to the rather more infamous use for this material, double-sided tape (industrial strength of course) also lends itself a number of manufacturing methods! A simple staple of any warehouse, we both sell it and use it. Our double-sided tape is designed for strength and surface adhesion performing a vital functional role in many of our projects. Order it online today.

Adhesives and Cements

Plastock has adhesives and cements to suit any industrial bonding need, whether it be required for its strength or more delicate properties. Strong, durable and largely resistant to the elements our comprehensive offering is guaranteed to fill your need both in terms of core functionality and strength. View our selection in our online store.

Specialist Welding

Welding is another of our fabrication services, and our engineers can take on welding projects big or small with thermoplastics and metals. We are a team of perfectionists, and will ensure only the best version of your product ever passes through our stringent quality control to your door. As an industrial process, welding requires specialist knowledge and skill - both of which Plastock is proud to have in abundance. Find out more by speaking to our team.

Solvent Adhesives

Problem With Adhesives? Problem Solved with Plastock.

Dependent on the polymer system in the formulation, solvent adhesive performance can vary dramatically. As such, you need a team of know-it-all adhesive enthusiasts to tell you the precise substrates, environmental and heat resistance needed... and that's where we come in. We've got the knowledge and know how to use it, just have a chat with someone in our team to tell you exactly what adhesive will provide the best functional fit for your project.

Plastic Bonding

Typical applications suited to plastic bonding range hugely - including appliances, aerospace, display, jewellery, component, automotive and assembly to name a few. Our engineers can advise you as to the properties and specification of adhesive you'll need... take it from us, there are a lot!

Tapes and Adhesives

We have partnered with some of the biggest and the best when it comes to tapes and adhesives. Rest assured our solution won't come unstuck. If you need any technical advise hit the contact button and get in touch.

Specialist adhesives

We were commissioned to produce a specialist adhesive to bond acrylic blocks using a combination of adhesive and aggregate. Head along to Mandeville Place in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London to see our ability, knowledge and capability come together.

UV Gluing

You've found the best in the business. Our expertise and quality of finish using UV glues is unparalleled. For the ultimate finish fit for museums, works of art and furniture pieces fit for king and queen give us a buzz.