Water Pipes and Fittings

Tapping Out

Keeping our water running is a big responsibility, and one that commands only the best skills, material and consistency in performance. If you are, or work for a water supply company you need water pipes and fittings from a trusted supplier. Plastock manufactures pipes and fittings for just about any water project! Speak to us to find out more.

Gas Pipe and Fittings

High Energy Plastock Performance

Gas pipes and fittings deliver energy to homes and business locations, allowing people, machinery and indeed entire projects to function, thrive and succeed. Other applications for gas pipes and fittings can be within the home or industrial - but whatever your plumbing project, Plastock can produce the right component parts, structures and piping to keep you efficient and productive whatever your need.

Soil and Vent Fittings

Overdelivering underground for our clients

We supply top quality soil and vent fittings for use in drainage systems and groundwork, offering a huge range of brackets, bends and applications across a myriad of materials, all offering unique and valuable properties. We do a lot of work onsite and our custom offering is key, ensuring we deliver the project exactly to your specification and fit for purpose. Have a chat with one of our friendly representatives to discuss your needs.

Drainage Products and Irrigation

Preventing Erosion, Ensuring Smooth Waters

In the water industry, drainage and irrigation products perform key roles, ensuring smooth transport of water and preventing harmful erosion. Water puddling and conservation is key in addition to efficiency when it comes to this most precious resource. Our drainage range includes trench, channel and conventional irrigation solutions although we can also create a bespoke system for you. For drainage advice and strategy, contact Plastock today.