Transport Industy Supply

Top Marks for Transport

In the public transport industry we supply components for use in the manufacture of trains and buses. We also manufacture soil and vent fittings and supply drainage and irrigation products to keep your streets clean… and we promise not to go on strike either.

Provider of Public Transport Parts

Supply of Components for Train and Bus Manufacture

In the public transport industry we provide parts used in the assembly of UK trains and buses. We are always focused on efficiency and minimise wastage as much as we can. In addition we place a strong emphasis on green energy, and the component parts we provide reflect this - we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. Delivering components for one of the UK’s biggest industries proves our ability to fill large orders - give us a call to find out more and think of us next time you use your Oyster card around town!

Behind the Scenes Functionality

Soil and Vent Fittings

Keeping things running behind the scenes is a paramount function that Plastock is proud to contribute to in the public transport arena. To this end, we manufacture soil and vent fittings to ensure waste is disposed of cleanly and the end product is kept safe. Our fittings are highly functional and durable, lasting for years at a time before requiring replacement, making them outstanding value.

Turning on The Water-Works

Drainage Products and Irrigation

Plastock provides drainage and irrigation products to the transport industry serving to move excess water safely and smoothly. Our finished components are only of the highest quality, durable and easy to maintain - a common complaint of drainage and irrigation systems. We’ve got extensive experience working with a range of environments and, with our unrivalled access to an enormous range of materials, are confident in our ability to find the best material for the job. Our product solutions are unique and market-leading and we also have logistics capability to deliver to you when and where you need.