Street Furniture

Back to The Streets: Durable, Repeatable Furniture Pieces

Street furniture above all else needs to be weather resistant! Subject to a lot of use and tested to the limit, we appreciate what it takes to produce something long-lasting. Read on to see how we fight vandalism, support transparency and deliver safety.

Lighting Components

Vandal Resistant Lighting

An unfortunate truth is that public spaces are subject to vandalism. We recognise this and as such use only the toughest and most resistant lighting components to keep your installation safe and looking its best. Our premium components deliver optimal light control and efficiency alongside prolonged performance, and to ensure their resistance and robustness, we only provide components with superior strength that can withstand extreme environmental pressures. We are completing more and more of this work, and as vandals become more sophisticated - so is our component technology. So to stay ahead of the game, talk to Plastock today.

Activity Playground Machined Panels

Life's a Playground: Machined Panels for Schools

The school playground can be just as valuable as the classroom when it comes to a child’s development of key interpersonal and social skills. To this end, Plastock works extensively in the public sector with schools, creating custom playground panels for children to exercise their little minds and bodies! Our advanced machinery back at our warehouse, skill and experience in the education sector mean we are primed to help get your kids active in the playground - learning has never been so fun.



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