Public Sector Dominance

Straight-A Public Sector Performance

Plastock completes numerous projects for those in the public sector. Whether you have a need for specialist materials for school, government, research or other locality need, we can supply these for you at any stage of production delivering safe, and hardy high value plastics, metals and wood.

Material World

Supply of Educational Plastics and Materials

We have such a huge range of materials available that however obscure your request, we’ll not only be able to meet it - we’ll likely have done so before. Whether your need is for educational plastics for schools, colleges and universities or supply of materials used for design and tech classes, research or development projects, we’re the guys to help you teach that lesson!

Public Sector Services

Governmental, Local Authority and Council Clientele

In addition to educational services we are frequently tasked with other local authority work including the production of road signage through the use of composite cladding, acrylic sheets, and balcony panels to name a few examples. As providers of outstanding value and unrivalled experience, government agencies, local authorities and councils can trust that they’ve tasked an organisation that will deliver to time and on budget. The scope of what we can produce and how closely we can work with design briefs and teams is huge - just get in touch to see how we can help.

Equipment Supply and Performance

Work with The NHS and Health Service

We work with numerous organisations within the medical and pharmaceutical industries and this includes the NHS and health service. If you have a need for production and you are a representative of the NHS, we have the experience and credentials and would be delighted to work with you. Previously, we have supplied hygienic cladding to NHS hospitals and have the capability to produce any manner of high performance plastics and medical-grade materials to adhere to FDA regulations. Get details of previous completed work from our team.