Shop Windows

Retail and Point of Sale

Our experience and credibility in producing the best quality retail and Point of Sale plastics is second to none. In addition to our namesake, we work with metals and wood and can produce either component parts for assembly or complete structures for display.

From Bottom to Counter-Top

Counter Top Displays and Display Units

Here at Plastock, we can create retail displays and merchandising solutions for point-of-sale essentials to boost your profits with following your specifications. Lure in those impulse buyers with our counter top display units using our high quality plastics. For businesses with a bricks and mortar location, you’ll more than likely have need for counter top displays or counter display units - whether these have a purely functional need say for a staff kitchen or a more decorative one, creating a fabulous front-of-house first impression. No job is too elaborate or too simple for our team - though both are unrivalled in their exceptional quality. We create counter display units too, that show off your product in all its glory - your front of house will never look better.

Product Displays

Premium Product Displays for Your POS

During the lifetime of a store display, you may find retail fixtures being moved around and re-stocked on a regular basis, which is why we provide retail fixture solutions to customise what your brand wants to showcase the most. From small businesses to grand shopping centres, Plastock offers an abundance of designs to cater to your specialist requirements. Product displays are great fun to work on and we can create some really funky designs to make your front of house truly memorable and show off your businesses best side. At Plastock we handle all logistics too, so can deliver and install - should this be required - your retail and POS products for you. Additionally, we can cater for high demand and volume should your need be of this nature. To enquire about retail fixtures speak to one of our friendly team today.

Window Displays

Through the Looking Glass: World Class Window Displays

Perfecting your shop window and creating an impression that entices people to walk through the door can be a huge pressure. You want an experienced, creative vendor therefore who knows window displays inside out and can outperform on this most important of tasks from initial concept to prototyping to assembly and installation. On that note we’re delighted to inform you we work with the master of all window displays - the illustrious and eminent Selfridges. We contribute window displays to this iconic store annually, so if you’re looking to work with the best, you won’t find better than Plastock. See pictures of our work with Selfridges on our blog.