Oil & Gas

Powering UK Industry

Powering energy to our homes, businesses and transport systems requires incredibly versatile, robust and reliable components and structures. Plastock works within the oil and gas industry to this end, delivering the best quality to ensure smooth and seamless running of our economy day after day.

Pipe, Fittings and Hose

Delivering Energy Securely to British Soil

Although far from exciting to talk about, the pipes, fittings and hoses for the oil and gas industry play a crucial part when it comes to transporting our energy safely. We can manufacture precision fittings for oil and gas applications in steel, aluminium, brass, alloy metals and precious metals to name a few. We can also install structures onsite and offer extensive support and design services off and onsite too.

Engineering Plastic Machined Components

Significant ROI Through Plastic Performance

In addition to metal work, Plastock are true innovators and experts when it comes to plastics. We can bond, weld, clad, machine and turn like no other, producing exceptional results time after time. If you’re interested in engineering services for the oil and gas industry, we have the materials, capacity and knowledge to create something that will deliver you value, substance and performance, providing you with a true turnkey solution that enables you to reduce maintenance and prove ROI.



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