Pharmaceutical and Medical

Medical Manufacturing Made to Fit

We have a number of high profile clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries manufacturing everything from custom-made pill boxes to complex machinery and equipment. If you’d like to find out how we can help you, speak to one of our representatives today and read more information below.

Medical Grade Engineering Materials

FDA and Biocompatible Engineering Materials for Medical

Plastock uses high-performance plastics shaped and suited to the custom requirements of our medical clients to best facilitate their need. Our materials are medical-grade and meet FDA requirements - we only use high purity plastics to ensure the best result. The product range we have is huge, and spans thermoplastics and semi-finished products - delivering massive scope for your finished product. In addition to being FDA compatible, our engineering materials are biocompatible and we can adhere to any technical requirements you may have.

Machined Components

Medical-Grade Machine Components

In addition to producing medical-grade materials, we can machine components for the medical industry too, for assembly into finished medical devices and instruments. Examples of high-performance plastic components we can produce include; handles, grips and trays for surgical applications, parts for diagnostic equipment and valves, blocks and supports for diagnostic, dental and pharmaceutical products. To find out what material you need and how we can machine it, speak to one of our representatives today.

Any Project, Any Size

Medical Expertise

We have been working in the medical industry for over a decade and are familiar with the sensitive requirements for products in this area. We can work to FDA standards and ensure our equipment is fit for purpose - and the tough inspection - this sector invariably brings.