Lighting Design

Let There Be Light

Lighting is an incredibly fun and lively (pun intended) area to work in. You can create beautiful effects using light and Plastock is proud to play a part in pushing boundaries within this industry, working alongside true lighting pioneers.

OLED Phillips Lumiblade Distributor

One of the Very Few OLED Phillips Lumiblade Distributors

We’ve had tremendous fun working with Phillips on their brand new product, the Phillips Lumiblade using the impressive OLED and were privileged to be chosen as one of very few distributors of the product. But this organic light-emitting diode bodes well for the environment, and raises the design potential for the lighting industry. Incredibly small it is just 0.7mm thick and Plastock can use OLED’s in your design, putting you at the forefront and helping your carbon output to boot.

Illuminating Your Retail Space

LED Light Sheets and Fittings for Retail

LED light sheets do a fabulous job of illuminating a retail space and creating the ambience you envision for your brand. At Plastock we work perpetually with light, delivering phenomenal results for our clients. The possibilities are endless and the effects ethereal and enchanting. If you’re in retail, light technology and its emerging versatility makes it perfect for your space. Additionally, you can entrust all your retail fittings to us too – from start to finish, from idea through to fruition. From lightboxes to OLED, we're so good at what we do that we can illumintate your shop front or internal signage to make your brand stand out from the crowd. LEDs are very energy efficient light sources, so using the correct acrylic sheet or polycarbonate sheet, we can engineer LED hot spots without effecting any light transmission.

Machined Bespoke Acrylic Light Fittings

The Best Investment, The Best Results

Whether you're looking for tones of pure minimalism or exuberant arrays of colour and design, we can manufacture light fittings based on your budget, and our in-house design team can get to work on any project, no matter big or small. At Plastock we’ve invested heavily in our market-leading machinery. We use only the best materials and as per our namesake, plastics are our speciality. As a result our machined bespoke acrylic light fittings are the best available, delivering outstanding quality, stability and value for money. All our light solutions are designed and manufactured by us onsite and delivered and fitted to you upon completion too – eliminating any logistics concerns you might have. Plastock does all the planning so you don’t have to. Get in touch with our specialists via the contact page or chat functionality.