Food and Drink

Food Industry Expertise

In the food and drinks industry we provide hygienic cladding and profiles, pipes, fittings, hoses and food safe products and components to our clients. Our solution is cost-effective and maximises efficiency and output, minimising wastage.

Contamination Control and Food Hygiene

Hygenic Cladding and Profiles for Clean Rooms

Plastock’s offering for hygienic cladding and profiles is highly competitive and compatible to a large range of environments. Our products are durable, easy to use and highly functional. For food industry clients in need of manufacture for clean rooms and contamination control, we’re your team of choice with huge experience manufacturing products and materials for this purpose.

Food Safety Equipment and Material

Pipes, Fittings and Hoses

We manufacture pipes, fittings and hoses for the food and beverage industry in addition to other equipment and raw materials, delivering a finished result that’s safe, hygienic and long lasting. All our materials are specially chosen and engineered for purpose to ensure maximum performance and meet industrial needs. Just get in touch with your requirements and let us work our magic!

Food Safety: Our Primary Concern

Food Safe Products and Components for Manufacture

The high profile and public-facing nature of the food and beverage industry mean a strict requirement for only Food Safe products and equipment that ensure safety and cleanliness at all times. In addition to such Food Safe products, Plastock produces components for manufacture, created for quick and easy assembly and maintenance in the food preparation environment. It will be a spotless room and top marks for Plastock in the kitchen!