Exceptional Event Material

A Night To Remember

First impressions count. And upon entering an event, the props, materials, décor and furnishings contribute to it. Plastock produces spectacular event material, moulding and shaping plastics expertly to create something unique to you, long lasting and exciting. So get the glitter ball rolling and give our team a call.

Table Design and Decoration

Manufacture and Centre-Piece Design

At Plastock we can cater to all table build requirements for your venue, making these weather-resistant and bespoke to your design brief. There’ll be no wobbly table legs with our handy-work! Our designs will be both sturdy and striking, making the perfect accompaniment to your evening. Additionally, we can supply all decorative elements for your event too, including elaborate table centres or intricate engravings. Just get in touch with a member of our team to find out what we can do for you.

Exclusive Invitations

Create Elegant Invitations for Your Wedding or Party

It’s not all about the big day itself - the planning starts with the invites! And to add something a little bit different to get your guests-to-be really excited about your big day, ask Plastock what sort of special, unique invitations we can put together for you. Whether you are hosting a party or getting married and looking for wedding invites with a twist, we can custom-create something truly personal and memorable. You give us the dream; we’ll make it a reality.

Fun With Food

Fun Food Display and Custom Canopy Trays

After the excitement of seeing all your spectacular event interior and table decorations, your guests will have worked up an appetite! It’s not just the food that can add an exciting visual element to your event - food display casing and canopy trays can often be a talking point too. Plastock can create such elements in a truly custom and memorable way; with our manufacturing skill, the food containers and trays will be just as much of a talking point as the food itself! Ask our team for prior credentials and testimonials.