Energy and Utilities

Behind the Scenes British Engineering Support

The energy and utilities industry is constantly hitting the limelight. No stranger to press and pressure, this sector plays a critical role in day-to-day life. The engineering expertise behind the scenes needs to be nothing short of exemplary and we provide outstanding components to energy and utility suppliers, ensuring the daily routine of millions across the country passes without incident.

Public Transport Contributions

Making Transport Work

In the realm of public transport Plastock delivers a suite of services. We supply components used in the manufacture of trains and buses for example, and chances are if you’ve sat on a bus or ridden on a train recently it will have had input from Plastock! The components we deliver are expertly crafted and engineered, ensuring the end result can perform and withstand heavy and constant use.

Soil and Vent Fittings

Expertise Below Floor Level

We don’t just work above ground. Our team works underground too creating and delivering soil and vent fittings in the energy and utilities sectors throughout the country. So even if your need is below floor level, we can help!

Easy Draining

Draining and Irrigation

Something we often think about last and certainly not as glamorous as some of our other services is draining and irrigation. Plastock works effectively with such systems to ensure seamless draining and excellent durability. Call us up to find out more.