Defence and Aerospace

Protective Components and Armour

Plastock is proud to contribute to important and vital work in the defence and aerospace industries. We manufacture components for vehicles and their armouring, delivering products that not only withstand but excel under huge pressures and in a unique environment, playing a vital role in ensuring personnel safety.

Vehicle Components

Your Best Defence - On The Move

Plastock manufactures and supplies vehicle components for the aerospace and defence industry. To do this, we use only the best material suited to the job, and machine it in accordance with the stresses it's likely to come under. Materials often need to have unique properties in addition to being superbly robust for assignments of this nature and this is where our outstanding technical knowledge comes into play. Safety is our prime concern and we’ll machine, weld and fabricate the toughest and most resilient components to meet your brief.

Armour Defence Assignments

Plastock Protects: Armour Manufacture Beyond Compare

Our core competencies in the specialist areas required by aerospace and defence clients make Plastock your manufacturer of choice when it comes to armour. Resilient, robust, durable and repeatable armoured pieces are what we do best – in fact we excel and enjoy the challenge needed to produce such versatility. When it comes to protecting personnel, we’ll stop at nothing to produce you the parts that enable optimal performance when it’s needed most.

Defence Components

Flying High: First Rate Component Manufacture

We’re fully aware of the level of complexity structures in this industry need to have and their required functionality. Materials are stretched to their limit, and as such you need the component parts manufactured by a trusted, experienced and passionate vendor - cue Plastock. We work with the very best materials - and our technical knowledge of this industry will ensure the very best delivery and more importantly, safety of the end product.