Marine Environments

Under the Sea: Marine Expertise

We don’t just deliver on land! Working with specialist materials and plastics we build aquariums and design art pieces in addition to supplying vital pipes and fittings suitable to be kept underwater, keeping your marine life safe and secure.

Custom-Built Aquariums

Finding Nemo: Your One-Stop Aquarium Shop

Whether it’s Nemo, Arial, Dory or Sebastian that have inspired you to invest in your very own piece of underwater movie magic, Plastock can build you an aquarium fit for The Little Mermaid herself. Our aquariums are fit for purpose and stylish, and we can shape and size these how you wish to fit a particular space. Often delicate in nature, we can transport the finished design to you too, and all our finished works require minimal maintenance. Our engineers are highly skilled and our custom acrylic aquariums will provide the perfect home for your new arrival.

Aquarium Features and Art

Your Most Daring Design - Underwater

The aquarium - although highly functional - is only the start. Now comes the fun bit - the decor! From cute acrylic features to intricate art to a 3D eye, Plastock has produced some spectacular pieces for some excellent fish-tank-fun over the years. With our machinery, aptitude and creativity you can be sure we’ll produce something unique and memorable to make your aquarium truly out-of-this-world. Ask us for some pictures of previous work and see what we can do for you.

Pipes and Fittings

Functional Fittings for Marine Life

Not nearly so much fun as the aquatic adornments but far more critical - in addition to the aquarium design we produce all the associated pipes and fittings to keep your vivarium functional and safe for marine life. All our pipes and fittings are built to stand the test of time in addition to withstanding underwater elements and we have a working knowledge of all the adaptors, accessories, tubing, valves and pumps that you’ll ever need. Your finished design will be stylish, functional, durable and most importantly - safe.