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Plastock can machine, fabricate and supply all your material requirements. Order online or call us on 01494 449975.
Plastock can machine, fabricate and supply all your material requirements. Order online or call us on 01494 449975.

Gyms and coronavirus: What are the facts?

Gyms and coronavirus: What are the facts?

Fri Dec 17 2021 Luke Collins


Gyms across the UK are opening their doors and welcoming back their customers. Many have missed the community spirit and health benefits that come with a membership and this time around – it is imperative that we have the protective measures in place to avoid a third lockdown and potentially losing some of our much-loved gyms across the country.

" A lot of that risk can be dramatically lowered through things like effective air-conditioning, regular cleaning, social distancing and hand sanitising. "

Specialist protection

Gym environments have the potential to make an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and viruses to spread. Exercising vigorously means that you breathe more rapidly and create more water droplets. There are also lots of touch points, like handles and equipment that help transfer the virus between multiple people. Professor Jonathan Ball, virologist at the University of Nottingham says:

Getting back on track

Our Plastock team have designed and tested the perfect range of COVID protective screens, floor markers, and hand sanitiser stations to help you get back to the gym and help our health and fitness businesses thrive.

Floor Standing Units

Create a protective barrier between equipment and individuals in group classes.

Perspex Screens

Clearer than glass! These screens protect staff and customers while giving a clean and contemporary feel to your reception area.

Sanitiser stations

Regular hand sanitisation has been proved to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, making it even easier to get back to the gym.

This blog has been created as our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The document is our best interpretation of how to manage office space and social distancing safely. If you have any questions about the information, get in touch with our friendly team here, or shop the full range of Covid-19 protection here.

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