Retailtainment: How OLED Displays Can Catch Customer Attention

Retailtainment is a term that’s been coined (unsurprisingly) by the retail sector! It involves taking the customer experience one step further than your traditional shop interior, making it an immersive and exciting experience for those venturing in-store. Not only can this help a brand stand out, it may also entice a repeat visit and help offline stores match up with their online counterparts in terms of digital innovation.

Digital Signage Developments

Plastock has close links with the retail industry and can deliver the latest signage developments to make your retail store stand out. We also like to keep up to date with the latest developments for the sector. And we spotted an exciting one this week...

Transparent OLED Displays by CDS

Sign Update Magazine reported on The LucidVue just recently. A new technology and reported game-changer in transparent digital technology.

We’ve previously worked with Philips incorporating their OLED technology into retail displays for our clients. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode and is an environmentally friendly, thinner and lighter display technology making waves in industry.

The LucidVue is a transparent OLED display offering a transmittance rate of around 45%. It eliminates the need for display lighting and applications include retail, entertainment and hospitality among more.

The manufacturers say:
“The self-emissive pixels contain 4 sub pixels, Red, Green & Blue for generating outstanding vibrant colours, and the final sub pixel (which would typically be black) is now clear, facilitating the transparency.

Poly-silicon TFTs act as the switching method for the Active Matrix of OLED generating a sumptuously rich colour palette of over 1 Billion Colours, with a 180 degree viewing angle in both Vertical and horizontal planes, delivering a mind blowing visual to even a large audience.”

View a video of it below:

*Image credit - CDS

Making the Most of Your Retail Display

Our relationships with manufacturing partners mean Plastock is at the fore of the latest retail innovations. This means whatever your need, we’re the team that can turn your retail space into an immersive retailtainment venue! Learn more about what we can do here.

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