Making Pallets More Palatable: Design Ideas from Love Chic Living

As recycling and upcycling become more on-trend we’ve been noticing some wonderful uses of what might otherwise be wasted material.

At Plastock we recycle 90% of our offcut material, and we work to keep the amount of offcut material we produce in the first place to an absolute minimum at all times. We’ve even sold our offcuts to the BBC’s The House That £100k Built program for a reduced price to ensure they’re put to good use and not wasted! Recycling is very important to our company.

It follows then that we were delighted to read about some wonderful wood recycling ideas on Love Chic Living.

We’ll describe our favourites here and if you’d like to learn more about what we can do, you can read about our furniture service onsite.  We also have a dedicated Pinterest board for Wood and Metal Design which you can follow here if you’re looking for inspiration. 

Pallet Recycling Ideas

From a dull but functional square pallet to an exciting and fashion-forward bed. This picture shows cleverly recycled wooden pallets that have been transformed to create two single beds. It’s a DIY’ers dream.

Recycle Wooden Pallet Bed

*Image credit - Pinterest

This idea is much simpler – a pallet has been cut in half and used as a decorative desk. Easy to do, and easy on the wallet too. View it here.

Another idea for using a wooden pallet that requires very little work is to put it to use as a coffee table. The example here has put the pallet onto some legs and painted it white to match the décor of the room. It’s unique, effective and cheap as chips to make.

This next idea is brilliant – someone has used a wooden pallet as a simple headboard. Young ones can get their scribbling juices flowing with this invention and you won’t have to worry about the mess one little bit.

Recycled Pallet Headboard

*Image credit - Pinterest

The last idea we saw turned a pallet on its side, hung it up, painted it and used it as a coat rack. Simple, colourful and a wonderful addition to any hallway. View it here.

Thanks Love Chic Living for the inspiration.

Innovating with Wood Design

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, you can always speak to one of our team. Additionally, as we mentioned above we keep our Pinterest pages updated with our favourite and on-trend designs. Choose one you like, and our engineers will turn it into a reality to make your own design dreams come true.

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