On Trend: How Wireless Charging Has Started a Design War

Wireless charging is a relatively new feature in which your smartphone can be charged without the hassle of attaching a wire. This innovative technology has now sparked a design boom, with creative companies such as DuPont racing to create a visually attractive way of doing something as simple as charging your phone. But what is behind the technology and what benefits can it bring to you?

What is it?

Wireless charging is now fairly commonplace for Samsung smartphone users, with wireless charging introduced in their Galaxy S6 model. It is now gaining traction among users of other smartphones thanks to an adapter that can be fitted to the phone that allows it to charge wirelessly. But how does it all work?

Wireless charging uses induction technology to charge a device, usually a phone, by simply placing it on a charging pad. Both the device and the charger are fitted with a coil of wire, an alternating current passes through the coil in the charger which generates a fluctuating magnetic field.

As soon as the coil within the device is placed within this field, a current is induced in the coil which then charges the battery.

How does this affect design?

With devices that charge wirelessly, there is an increasing demand for charging mats and where there’s demand, there’s an opportunity for cunning designers to make their mark.

Companies including DuPont and Ikea have leapt on the demand for wireless charging by coming up with some cunning products and designs to help their users charge their devices in the most stylish way possible.

Ikea is releasing an increasing range of furniture that utilises the technology, including desks, tables and lamps which can all charge your device from a charging point on their surface.

So what do you need to know if you’re looking to go wireless?

What do I need to charge my device?

Some devices already come with the ability to charge wirelessly (check your manufacturer’s instructions). If it does not already have this capability, you can buy an external adaptor that will fit into the charging port or buy a case to be used with wireless charging. These are readily available from Amazon.

Is wireless charging faster than wired charging?
Your phone will charge at approximately the same rate as standard 5W wired charging.

Can you charge devices other than smartphones?
Other devices such as tablets can also be charged wirelessly, although laptops requires higher energy to charge so will not work with a wireless charger.

As the number of devices that use wireless charging out of the box begins to increase, you can expect the demand for stylish ways to charge them to increase accordingly. But don’t make do with the standard charging pad, take a look online and see how many ways designers are finding to stylishly incorporate wireless charging into beautiful and practical concepts.

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