Making the Most of Small Spaces

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us aren’t lucky enough to live in large, sprawling accommodation where we can fill our space with the things we want. Often, it takes a keen eye and design flair to make the most of smaller spaces and create comfortable, attractive and practical places to live, sleep and work.

So if you’re not blessed with space but still want to make the most of what you have, what are your options? We’ve been around the web to find out what the experts are recommending when it comes to interior design in a small area.

• The only way is up…
In many homes, cabinets and cupboards only go part of the way up the wall, leaving under-utilised space at the tops of walls. By using high-mounted elements in the home, you can increase your storage space, as well as using a design trick to draw the eye upwards, creating the illusion of more space.

• See the light
If you have lots of dark corners and separating walls, you’re creating the feeling of being confined. Tear down unnecessary walls, open up the space and change solid doors for glass and larger windows to let in light and enhance your space.

• Places with purpose
Decide on the purpose of each room, and each section of a room, throughout the house. This will help you understand exactly what is needed in that space and what isn’t and will prevent you cluttering areas of your house with items that aren’t needed.

• Side with Neutral
Neutral colours help to make your space more pleasant to the eye and helps to not draw attention to a specific areas. Lighter colours help to connect your design to the outside world, making a fresher, more pleasant space to live in.

• Can the Clutter
It can seem obvious to get rid of things that are cluttering the little space you have, but this also needs to be done intelligently. Using two smaller coffee tables instead of one large one will limit the amount of “stuff” that will end up living on it, as well as giving you more visible space. You should also ensure that everything has a home – while it may not always live there it at least gives you somewhere to put it when you’re tidying.

There’s no reason why a small space should hold you back and with some clever, well thought out design features even the smallest home can be used for everything you need it to, and look great in the process.

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