Perspex Perfection: Favourite Uses for the Ultimate Material


We’re huge fans of Perspex – you only need to take a glance at our range here. We’ve got tinted, fluorescent, pastel, sparkly, opal, metallic and more... the choices are endless.

Innovation with Perspex is all everywhere and we’ve compiled some of our favourite Perspex projects, both from ourselves and around the wider web, to share.

1. Halo Haus

To start, we’ve got a little something of our own. We recently completed this custom Perspex enclosure for Halo Haus in the building industry. See a picture below – we used Perspex because of its versatility and durability in this instance.

Halo Haus Tweet


2. London 2012 Olympics

We were contracted to work for the London 2012 Olympics building their Truce Wall. The wall was ethereal in its aesthetic and actually manufactured from a collection of several thick sheets of Perspex that had been cut and finished to provide the perfect surface on which to write and leave messages of hope and peace.

Perspex was the perfect material for such a project, not least because it is resistant to weather damage and bending in the heat but also due to its clarity and durability.

3. Abyss Table

If you’ve seen our Pinterest boards, you’ll have seen this absolutely stunning Abyss table. Formed from layers of sculpted glass, Perspex and wood, it’s designed to be a representation of a geological map of the ocean. With that much effort in the design, just be sure you use a coaster.


*Image credit

4. Lighting

Perspex also marries well with lighting. This glowing Perspex Strata is part of a stunning collection by David Popov and it really shows off this material’s looks as well as its practicality.


*Image credit

5. Coloured Sheeting

And lastly, you can’t beat coloured Perspex sheeting. Brilliant, bright and robust to its core – sheeting can be used for interior and exterior work with a myriad of effects and colours available.


Perspex combines beautiful looks with complete practicality, making it a fabulous material to use for a whole range of requirements. Talk to one of our experts today to see how you can make this stunning material work for you.

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