Acrylic Inspiration: How to Maximise this Wonderful Material

We can talk about the benefits and versatility of acrylic until we’re blue in the face, however it can be difficult knowing exactly what to do with it and where. Our Pinterest boards and lookbook are chock full of inspiration and we’ve elaborated on some of our favourite examples taken from around the web below.

To start with though, we’ve compiled a short list of things you almost certainly didn’t know acrylic could do!

1. In direct contrast to Game of Throne’s Arya and her run as A Girl with No Name, acrylic has many names! Plexiglass, Lucite, Optix and Acrylic Glass to name a few
2. Some types of acrylic are actually an astonishing 17 times stronger than glass
3. Transparent acrylic is as fine as the finest optical glass and acrylic has a white light transmittance of 92% - the highest in existence
4. Clear and coloured acrylic can withstand being machined, drilled and sawn taking the sort of impact that wood can without falling apart
5. You need 1000-degree heat to form glass – this drops down to as low as just 150-degree heat for extruded acrylic
6. Some items you might not think of that use acrylic include fish tanks, riot sheets, modern tech like phones and computers and contact lenses – it really is everywhere

Now for some of the most impressive acrylic features we’ve seen.

Inspired Design

This illusion table is beautiful. We’ve shared it before and we’ll no doubt we’ll share it again. This unique visual feast is made of sheeted acrylic.

acrylic table

*Image credit:

Art Attack

Art installations are often the perfect place to demonstrate the mettle and versatility of acrylic visually as a material and this clever textured rolling wooden floor contrasts beautifully with the white, jagged edges of plexiglass used to deliver the final juxtaposed effect.

Art Installation

*Image credit

Our team of engineers and designers live and breathe design. As such, if you see something you like on our site, blog or in our lookbook – just give us a call and we’ll help you bring your acrylic vision to life. 

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