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  • Retailtainment: How OLED Displays Can Catch Customer Attention

    Retailtainment is a term that’s been coined (unsurprisingly) by the retail sector! It involves taking the customer experience one step further than your traditional shop interior, making it an immersive and exciting experience for those venturing in-store. Not only can this help a brand stand out, it may also entice a repeat visit and help offline stores match up with their online counterparts in terms of digital innovation.

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  • The Appearance of Polymers in Rio 2016

    Team GB is putting in a stellar performance at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. We’re working our way up the medal table and have already won a number of medals of all colours. To date we’ve proved ourselves in the water, out on the road and in the pool – but what role have plastics played in The Greatest Show on Earth?

    We discovered a wonderful piece from British Plastics that delved into the leading role of polymers in the Rio 2016 games. We discuss their contribution to the success of the games below, courtesy of the authors at British Plastics.

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  • Making Pallets More Palatable: Design Ideas from Love Chic Living

    As recycling and upcycling become more on-trend we’ve been noticing some wonderful uses of what might otherwise be wasted material.

    At Plastock we recycle 90% of our offcut material, and we work to keep the amount of offcut material we produce in the first place to an absolute minimum at all times. We’ve even sold our offcuts to the BBC’s The House That £100k Built program for a reduced price to ensure they’re put to good use and not wasted! Recycling is very important to our company.

    It follows then that we were delighted to read about some wonderful wood recycling ideas on Love Chic Living.

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  • The Rise of Traditional Engineering Techniques in Fashion

    At Plastock we’re used to working with engineering plastics, laser cutting machinery, our Striebig saw, CNC routers and all manner of machinery! We contribute to the defence sector, architecture, interior design, lighting, film industry and everything in between using these techniques. So it was of interest to us to see this traditionally heavy-handed machinery taking on a different use in a slightly more feminine sector – fashion.

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  • Making the Most of Small Spaces

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of us aren’t lucky enough to live in large, sprawling accommodation where we can fill our space with the things we want. Often, it takes a keen eye and design flair to make the most of smaller spaces and create comfortable, attractive and practical places to live, sleep and work.

    So if you’re not blessed with space but still want to make the most of what you have, what are your options? We’ve been around the web to find out what the experts are recommending when it comes to interior design in a small area.

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  • On Trend: How Wireless Charging Has Started a Design War

    Wireless charging is a relatively new feature in which your smartphone can be charged without the hassle of attaching a wire. This innovative technology has now sparked a design boom, with creative companies such as DuPont racing to create a visually attractive way of doing something as simple as charging your phone. But what is behind the technology and what benefits can it bring to you?

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  • The Plastic Recycling Revolution

    For years, the conundrum of what to do with our waste plastics has been a worldwide issue despite high recycling levels in businesses such as ours. The very features that make plastics an essential part of our everyday lives are the very same ones that make them difficult to dispose of and as a result, waste plastics are clogging up seas and landfill sites.

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  • Acrylic Inspiration: How to Maximise this Wonderful Material

    We can talk about the benefits and versatility of acrylic until we’re blue in the face, however it can be difficult knowing exactly what to do with it and where. Our Pinterest boards and lookbook are chock full of inspiration and we’ve elaborated on some of our favourite examples taken from around the web below.

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  • Perspex Perfection: Favourite Uses for the Ultimate Material


    We’re huge fans of Perspex – you only need to take a glance at our range here. We’ve got tinted, fluorescent, pastel, sparkly, opal, metallic and more... the choices are endless.

    Innovation with Perspex is all everywhere and we’ve compiled some of our favourite Perspex projects, both from ourselves and around the wider web, to share.

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  • Polymer Pays: New Plastic £5 Note Coming into Circulation 13th September

    We covered this a while back and now we have a date! The brand new plastic £5 notes will come into circulation on September 13th of this year.

    Untearable and Long Lasting

    This sounds like an advert for our plastics... but the claims are true. The new polymer £5 notes are set to last twice the 2.5 years they currently do and represent a significant move toward modernism for our central bank which was launched more than 320 years ago.

    The notes are made from a transparent plastic film and will be resistant to dirt and moisture, as well as being cleaner and safer than our current notes. And even better – they are claimed to be able to withstand a run in the washing machine – so say bye bye to crumpled and useless soggy tender!

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